Chairman’s Welcome

Building Capacity for the Region’s Non Profit Organizations

Welcome to the web site of the Non Profit Development Center of Southern New Jersey.

As I look back proudly at our work over the past decade and more, I still find that it is sometimes difficult to convey exactly what our organization does because the impact of our work is not measured in terms of lives saved, bodies clothed, or meals served.

In fact, everything we do is directed at helping the non profit organizations that doprovide such direct services to their clients to do it “better.”

In short, we are in the business of building capacity. And we have been an all-volunteer organization, so the money we raise has always gone directly into providing programs that help other non profit organizations (NPOs).

As you learn more about us, I hope you will come to share my pride in the work the talented men and women who constitute our all-volunteer board/staff and to the organizations whose support for NPDC has demonstrated that they understand that when we make just one of our region’s NPOs better, we help us all.

Glen J. Walton